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ID Address Property Area Rooms Price Available by Status
54Dybbølsbro 3, 10., 8Kaktus Towers33 m219,750 DKK/mo2024-03-15Vacant
134Dybbølsbro 3, 15., 14Kaktus Towers33 m219,900 DKK/mo2024-04-01Vacant
137Dybbølsbro 3, 16., 1Kaktus Towers33 m219,900 DKK/mo2024-03-15Vacant
197Dybbølsbro 3, 20., 1Kaktus Towers33 m2110,250 DKK/mo2024-03-15Vacant
223Dybbølsbro 3, 21 13Kaktus Towers33 m219,900 DKK/mo2024-03-15Vacant
280Dybbølsbro 1, 6., 10Kaktus Towers33 m219,500 DKK/mo2024-03-15Vacant
305Dybbølsbro 1, 8 5Kaktus Towers33 m219,750 DKK/mo2024-03-15Vacant
337Dybbølsbro 1, 10 7Kaktus Towers33 m219,900 DKK/mo2024-03-15Vacant
394Dybbølsbro 1, 14., 4Kaktus Towers33 m219,900 DKK/mo2024-03-15Vacant
455Dybbølsbro 1, 18., 5Kaktus Towers33 m219,900 DKK/mo2024-03-15Vacant
526Ruten 16G, 1 tvFløjhusene69 m2210,600 DKK/mo2024-03-01Vacant
585Kaffevej 6, 1 tv.Svanehusene105 m2414,500 DKK/mo2024-04-01Vacant
604Kaffevej 8, 5 th.Svanehusene108 m2415,950 DKK/mo2024-03-15Vacant
618Kaffevej 15, st. mf.Svanehusene107 m2413,950 DKK/mo2024-04-01Vacant
640Kaffevej 17, 4 tv.Svanehusene91 m2313,350 DKK/mo2024-03-15Vacant
643Kaffevej 17, 5 th.Svanehusene109 m2415,800 DKK/mo2024-03-15Vacant
644Kaffevej 19, st. tv.Svanehusene92 m2312,950 DKK/mo2024-03-15Vacant
185Dybbølsbro 3, 19., 5Kaktus Towers33 m219,750 DKK/mo2024-07-01
361Dybbølsbro 1, 12 1Kaktus Towers53 m2214,850 DKK/mo2024-07-01
62Dybbølsbro 3, 11., 2Kaktus Towers33 m21-2024-03-15Reserved
71Dybbølsbro 3, 11., 11Kaktus Towers33 m21-2024-05-01Reserved
89Dybbølsbro 3, 12., 13Kaktus Towers33 m21-2024-03-01Reserved
113Dybbølsbro 3, 14., 7Kaktus Towers33 m21-2024-03-15Reserved
144Dybbølsbro 3, 16., 8Kaktus Towers33 m21-2024-03-15Reserved
242Dybbølsbro 3, 23., 2Kaktus Towers33 m21-2024-03-15Reserved
348Dybbølsbro 1, 11 2Kaktus Towers33 m21-2024-03-15Reserved
407Dybbølsbro 1, 15., 1Kaktus Towers33 m21-AvailableReserved
554Østfløjen 3, 4 thFløjhusene126 m24-2024-03-01Reserved
657Kaffevej 21, 1 th.Svanehusene108 m24-2024-03-15Reserved
9Dybbølsbro 3, 7., 9Kaktus Towers33 m219,900 DKK/mo2024-03-15
79Dybbølsbro 3, 12., 3Kaktus Towers33 m2110,250 DKK/mo2024-03-15
192Dybbølsbro 3, 19 12Kaktus Towers33 m219,900 DKK/mo2024-03-15
439Dybbølsbro 1, 17., 3Kaktus Towers33 m219,500 DKK/mo2024-03-15

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