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Kaktus Towers
Dybbølsbro, 1577 København V
12 available residences
9,500-14,850 DKK/mo
33-53 m2
1-2 rooms
Kaktus Towers are luxury rental apartments designed by award-winning architects and are centered in the middle of Copenhagen near vibrant neighborhoods such as Vesterbro, Kødbyen, and Islands Brygge. The apartments are semi-furnished and feature custom-made interiors with multiple functions of a premium quality combined by raw materials like wood and concrete. The Nordic design aesthetics with a timeless and unique match oozes exclusivity
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Gammel Kongevej 80, 1850 Frederiksberg C
0 available residences
0 m2
0 rooms
Newly renovated apartments in the heart of Frederiksberg C. Lovely kitchen with a view towards the courtyard. Spacious living room facing Gammel Kongevej. Beautiful bay windows with a view of Værnedamsvej and Gammel Kongevej. Wonderful bathroom with a washer and dryer. Some apartments have balconies. The apartments are move-in ready.
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Midtfløjene 18, 2700
1 available residence
10,600 DKK/mo
69 m2
2 rooms
Fløjhusene's family-friendly rental apartments consist of 83 one-level apartments with 1-6 rooms where quality materials have been used throughout. The apartments vary in size from 47-144 square meters, all of which have their own balcony, rooftop terrace, or terrace of varying sizes.
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Åbent hus
Thursday den 29/2 kl. 16:00 - 16:30
Vi mødes på Kaffevej 8, 5 th.  2610 Rødovre   
Kaffevej, Irma Byen, 2610 Rødovre
6 available residences
12,950-15,950 DKK/mo
91-109 m2
3-4 rooms
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