Nikolaj Andersen

“There must be value and respect on both sides of the table.”

Nikolaj is a proven real estate veteran with 30 years of experience and has the undisputed advantage of knowing the game from both sides. His time as Asset Manager at Patrizia has given him a unique knowledge of strategy and investment, which he now applies to his advisory role in sales, rentals, and serial sales in the project market.

For Nikolaj, it is crucial that there is value on both sides of the table and that good and respectful relationships are nurtured in the collaboration.

LETS STAY was created to keep relations lasting, so that business partners who are first introduced to Lets Stay’s honest advice will return and become long-term partners.

Privately, you can meet Nikolaj on the roads when he combines his passion for cycling with raising money for a good cause. In 2023/2024, Nikolaj is a member of the network and charity event; Cykelnerven, which fights for a world without sclerosis.

Nikolaj Andersen
Partner, Real estate agent, MDE
Mobile +45 30 32 9 966

Peter Jensen

“Trust and credibility are at the heart of everything I do.”

Peter is a realtor at heart and is driven by structure and integrity. If there’s one thing his many years in the housing industry and working in sales have taught him, it’s that you must be competent at your tasks and always put the client first. Good and personal customer service comes before everything else, and this requires a high level of expertise.

Fortunately, Peter never flinches when speaking of his key values: trust and credibility, which characterise LETS STAY. He knows the importance of the invisible but tangible bond of trust that must be present between broker and buyer when, for example, selling a project apartment that doesn’t even exist yet.

It’s always a special challenge to sell projects that can’t be shown, and there must be a certain level of mutual trust that tests the agent’s abilities. These are the challenges Peter lives for.

In his private life, Peter is a dedicated football fan and enjoys watching his favourite team’s matches with his family and friends (no team names mentioned, none forgotten). And maybe it was just as well that his childhood dream of football stardom stayed at the hobby level, considering he’s such a damn good housing agent.

Peter Jensen
Mobile +45 53 63 79 42

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Partner i Lets Stay, Nikolaj Møller Andersen, deltager i Danmarks hårdeste velgørenhedsevent, Cykelnerven, der samler penge ind til forskningen i sclerose. 

Følg knappen til Nikolajs indsamlingsside og donér lige det, du finder passende.

TAK for din støtte til den uundværlige forskning i sclerose-sygdommen. 🌱