Get a healthier business with LETS STAY

– your new dedicated business partner

With integrity and accessibility as core values - and more than 30 years of experience in the real estate industry - LETS STAY is your new partner for your rental properties across the country.

We hate the word project, yet we are experts in project selling

At LETS STAY, your property is not just a ‘project’, but our most important task. While our job is to sell your property, it also becomes our entire daily life and focus.

That’s why we hate the word ‘project’. We may be experts in project selling, but we’re experts because we take the job of selling seriously and use our experience and personal drive to get the job done.

When we feel the word ‘project’ neglects the seriousness, it’s because we take enormous professional pride in the work of managing these properties, until they get under our skin.

Advisor for your project selling

We have more than 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, which is why we are more than happy to take the lead as advisor on your project.

Market analysis, optimization recommendations, developer meetings, marketing strategy, estate agency activities, contracts and finally the handover of keys.

We know every step of the process.

A co-operation partner you can count on

LETS STAY is your reliable partner in project sales and rentals.

When advising you from start to finish, we pride ourselves on always offering our honest opinion.

We believe that good co-operation is based on mutual trust, saying things as directly as they are, the positive as well as the negative, and above all, we are available whenever you need us.

If you want honest dialogue from your advisor, you’ve come to the right place.

Strategic rental advice

LETS STAY helps you achieve optimal results when renting out homes through our platform. We help you with processes like attracting, screening and selecting good tenants so you can focus on your business.
  • Save time attracting, screening and selecting tenants
  • Benefit from 30 years of industry experience and get competent and professional advice
  • Free up resources to focus on your core business

Reliable tenants for years to come

We know it’s important for you to have responsible tenants. That’s why LETS STAY carefully screens potential tenants and performs background checks, credit checks and reference checks.

Our goal is to find and select tenants for your property that meet the highest standards, so you run less risk of challenges such as late rent payments or property damage.

Let us find your next tenants

On our platform, your properties are marketed in the best possible way: Storytelling, branding, SEO, design and property selector. Our database of potential tenants is screened for matches, so you don’t have to.

LETS STAY can help you with:

Talk to an expert

See who we are working with right now

Access real-time user data

With a high level of service and deep insights into the rental market, we take the professional rental market to the next level with an integrated approach to your services.

When you log in to our platform, you can track your rentals in real-time and gain access to valuable user insights.

Your core business is our focus

LETS STAY is by your side to optimize your rental income, minimize vacancy periods and create long-term rental relationships with great tenants.

Contact us today to get started.

For you, we're always available

Whether you need to discuss something with us by phone, email or in person, we’re easily accessible to maintain trust and a strong working relationship.

Want to know more?

Book a meeting with Nikolaj and learn more about how you can have a healthier business through better home sales.
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